Twice a year, Marguerite Gahagan Nature Preserve publishes a newsletter that gets sent to its membership in early May and September.  This newsletter is one of the primary mediums used to inform our community about upcoming events and the preserve's day-to-day operation.  


Current and some past newsletters are available here in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


Spring 2020 (Issue #38)  MGNP and RARA, 2020 Camp Offerings, 2020 Visiting Naturalist Weasels, Warbler GEO Trail, Joanne Bouck, Free Field Trips, Citizens' Climate Lobby, Weyerhaeuser and Wade Family Thanks


Fall 2019 (Issue #37);  Board Member History, 2019-2024 Five Year Plan, 2019 Camp Summaries, Memorial Jack bouck, Larry Dashner, George Maroney, Parking Lot Fence Project, Weasels Promo


Spring 2019 (Issue #36)  Open House, Kirtland's Warbler Opener, Friends of MGNP, 2019 Visitng Naturalist Bears,  MGNP Recognition Program, Camps for 2019, HeadWaters Concervancy

Fall 2018 (Issue #35); Welcome to the Chili Cook Off  Open House, Forestry Camp, We have Bees, Nature Camp - Insectomania, Astronomy Night, Elf Schedule, Controlling Knapweed and Earth Day.


Spring 2018 (Issue #34); Tribute to Julie Borak, Vernal Pools, Spring clean-up day agenda, Forestry Camp announcement, Tick-literate, Cat Tales, Climate Change Initiative, Thanks to Weyerhaeuser Employees.


Fall 2017 (Issue #33); Welcome to Open House, Thank you to Colwell Family, Herbarium, Nature Camp, Gahagan work day, Storm clean-up.

Spring 2017 (Issue #32); Gahagan Welcome, Inevitable Change Bring Inevitable Opportunity, Three Years of ELF, Performance Propane, Colwell Challenge, Weyhaeuser Waves, Wolf Songs.

Fall 2016 (Issue #31); At a Crossroads, Visiting Naturalist, Community Education Program, School Field Trips, Project ELF, Wolf Songs, Nature CAmp 2016

Spring 2016 (Issue #30); Tribute to Jeremey Jones, Milkweed Planting, MGNP upadates, Nature Camp 2016, Wonders of Weasels, ABC's of Project ELF, Fifty Years of US Education Legislation.

Fall 2015 (Issue #29): A New Era Begins, Nature Camp, A Mission for Thousands, ELF Schedule, Conservation Easements, MGNP Projects, Fall Field Trips, Restablishing Monarch Habitats.

Spring 2015 (Issue #28): North Woods Call Era Ends, ELF Update, Owl Pellets, Creating Firewise Property, Bear Tracks, A Force of Nature, Sweet Seats, New Construction, Watershed Update, Spring Clean-up.

Fall 2014 (Issue #27): Boy Scout Projects to be honored at Open House, ELF volunteer opportunities, Summer Camp wrap-up, Gahagan-District Library Family Night program, GNP long-range plan.

Spring 2014 (Issue #26): Gahagan Preserve's status, Monarch Butterflies, Trail Condition Status, Education Program Stories, Timber Cut Proposal, Jeanne's Story

Fall 2013 (Issue #25): Sept 22 Open House details, Pine Whispers, Upgrading the outdoor classrooms, Turtles and snakes, Nature Camp, the Fire and the Clean-up, Fall field trips.

Spring 2013 (Issue #24): Marguerite Gahagan, Gahagan's new executive administrator, Video-linked microscope, Some available ELF kits, "Wolf Songs," Weyerhaeuser grant.