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Gahagan Trails

Click on some of the map's landmarks for more information or click here to view the full size trail map.


Trail Details

Black: 0.32 mi - This handicap-accessible loop connects the parking lot to Gahagan's cabin, pond, and wetland boardwalks.

Orange: 0.69 mi - This long path follows much of the preserve's perimeter and passes through various forest habitats.


Blue: 0.21 mi - The blue trail passes through the preserve's interior, skirting grassy areas and one of our two deer 'exclosures'.


Yellow: 0.23 mi - This trail winds through tree stands of varying age/composition and is our most popular for deer sightings.


White: 0.31 mi - The white trail surrounds a unique, open area that was recently the site of an uncontrolled wildfire. 


Green: 0.53 mi - The green trail has beautiful sights and old-growth pine stands, but the terrain is often uneven and wet. 

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