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Sponsor an Education Program at Gahagan
The future of Gahagan's environmental education program needs your help!

Every year, thousands of people from our region visit Gahagan Nature Preserve to learn about their environment and develop an understanding of our natural world.  Thousands more children experience the benefits of our preserve when our educator leads students through the forest on field trips or brings the outdoors right into their school through the Visiting Naturalist and E.L.F.  programs.  In this changing technological world, bringing nature to our children and our children to nature is crucial for their well-being and for the development of a strong environmental ethic. 

Unfortunately, our ability to continue providing environmental education to the community has been threatened by changing financial circumstances. Gahagan requires a qualified naturalist to run and maintain our year-long education programs, but this position cannot be feasibly sustained with our current resources.  Increased operational costs and reductions in available funding sources have also forced us to seek new ways to finance this effort.  

We are thus embarking on a mission to secure the financial support necessary to maintain our successful programs for years to come. Our board of directors has prepared a detailed prospectus that describes our educational programs, our finances, and our prospects for the future. If you are interested in sponsoring a part of our educational programming, please contact to receive a copy of this prospectus. Our desire is to provide quality environmental education programs at a minimal cost to our area schools and libraries, and we hope that you might help us continue to inspire and inform our surrounding communities of the value of wildlife and wild places.

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