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Jack Pine
(Pinus banksiana)

Key ID Features: Needles, Cones, Crown Shape, Bark, Habitat

Jack Pine

Other Names: Scrub Pine, Gray Pine, Black Pine

Jack pine has 2 NEEDLES per bundle, each about and inch or 1-1/2
inches long.


CONES are round when opened and dried, but when closed
are shaped somewhat like rams' horns. On the branch, cones point
towards the end of the branch.


Jack pine tends to grow in PURE STANDS, but occasionally single specimens are found or remnants in other forest types.


Common pests: jack pine budworm, stem rusts, Scleroderris, Cronartium, sawflies, pine root collar weevil, aphids & spittlebugs, Pales weevil, shoot beetles, Eur. pine shoot beetle, shoot moths, red heart, Annosum, Polypores.

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