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Eastern White Pine
(Pinus strobus)

Key ID Features: Needles, Cones, Crown Shape, Bark

Eastern White Pine

Other Names: Northern White Pine, Northern Pine, Soft Pine, Cork Pine

White pine has 5 NEEDLES per bundle, are 3-5 inches long,
but often one or two needles fall out.


The CONES are 5-8 inches long, the longest in Michigan.


The BARK on young trees (under 4-5 inches) is steely gray and mostly smooth. The bark gradually becomes deeply ridged as the tree get larger. The tallest record tree in Michigan is a 201-foot white pine in Marquette County.


White pine can be identified from the highway by its tall SIZE and crown SHAPE. Often times, white pine will tower above the forest canopy. The crown has
a feathery and layered appearance. White pine is Michigan's state tree.


Common pests: white pine weevil, white pine blister rust, red heart, Tomentosus, porcupines, road salt, sawflies, pine root collar weevil, aphids & spittlebugs, Pales
weevil, shoot beetles, Eur. pine shoot beetle, shoot moths, Annosum, Polypores.

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